Welcome to your back-office

Here you will find everything you will need to start a successful business.  The “Quick Links” will take you straight to important sites that you use on a regular basis.  The “Marketing Contact List” will help you get to the “right” person at the main office so that your questions can be answered in a timely fashion.  Please take the time to explore your Back Office Quick Links.
You can also access or change your personal information such as your address, bank account, telephone number and email address. In order to keep you informed on important information, please make sure we have your most current information.
Under the Rep Tools tab you will fine marketing materials for both the people and pet cards, including brochures and flyers. The back-office is constantly being updated with new things, including marketing materials and training calls, you will receive notification via iContact when changes/updates are made.

How to get started
Please review your information found in the Account and Banking sections of this website. This is a secure site, so no one will see your information, unless you share your password or are on a public computer. Please do not put X’s in your bank account information, or you will not be paid. (You can change the information listed in these two sections at any time, but note, if you change your bank account close to the payment time, the payment may still go to the old bank account.)

If you have any questions, your Sponsor should be your first point of contact. After your first month with us, you will be assigned a Program Advisor (PA), who will also be able to give you advice on starting and maintaining a successful business. Your PA will be a great resource for you, so please check your emails for updates on meetings and monthly conference calls.